Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yesterday was a Great Day (sequel to Today was a Great Day)

After leaving Leslie on her way to the airport, we headed off to Ikea to begin planning for Jacob moving into his own room after baby #2 comes and is ready to be in the nursery. During the drive out of DC, Jacob dozed off in his car seat. At Ikea, he stayed asleep with occasional attempts to wake up.

We wandered through the children's section of Ikea looking for some specific things and hoping to run across some things randomly that would be useful to have. The specific items we were looking for were a dresser and a bookshelf for his room. We picked out a shorter dresser that he could use and found a bookcase of which we might buy two since he has plenty of books and toys. It's also a good height for him. We also ran across some plates for him to use (so we don't have to keep washing the Mickey Mouse plate after almost every meal) and a sandbox toy kit for the next time we visit the park across Vollmerhausen. These last two items we actually bought after finding our way through the labyrinthine pathways of Ikea.

The other thing we were shopping for was something to serve on Sunday when BJ and Amy would be here to watch Let the Right One In, a Swedish vampire flick that came out last year but we missed in the theater. Since they're coming for brunch the famous Ikea meatballs seemed like a bad idea. All the cinnamon rolls were sold out! Nothing else caught our fancy, so we'd planned to make baked oatmeal again (we always measure out a second set of dry ingredients and put it in a ziplock bag for the next weekend). We headed back to the car with our two items and our info on the furniture we will buy in the future when the income tax rebate comes.

We then returned to Silver Spring for dinner before going to the Neocatechumenal Saturday night Mass at St. Michael's Church. We ran into two of our fellow neocatechumenals walking towards the restaurants and had a nice chat before heading to Baja Fresh for filling burritos. We enjoyed it especially as a trip down memory lane. We used to eat out in Silver Spring a lot, because we'd meet there as I metroed home from work and Angie drove from down from her work. We ate at most of the restaurants in St. Michael's vicinity. It was fun in a new way to have Jacob along.

After dinner, we killed some time by wandering through Whole Foods supermarket. We looked for more brunch inspiration there, but the only things we found were Blood Orange Tea, creepy-looking whole fish and Irish soda bread. We still didn't make any purchases. The other odd thing we saw was vegan cane sugar. We'd never heard of such a thing, but check out the hyperlink for more info. I guess we could have used that if we'd been watching that other adolescent vampire film from last year. Vegan vampires, indeed!

The Mass was really great. Msgr. Tolentino always gives good homilies and it was good to reconnect with the community after about a month of being away. And we got to go to Chick-fil-A for a milkshake afterwards! A great end to a great day.

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