Friday, March 6, 2009

Star Trek Trailer 3

Trailer #3 has come out for Star Trek, the new re-imagining/re-booting/re-tooling/re-etc. of the beloved franchise. When I first heard about the project directed by J. J. Abrams, I was cautiously excited. Alias and Lost are great TV shows, but Mission Impossible 3 was pretty mediocre and I heard that Cloverfield (which he only produced) wasn't really enjoyable until the story stopped trying to make the characters sympathetic or interesting and just got on with the monster. So it seems like he's better at doing action then developing characters when he's limited to a 2 hour movie production rather than 22 hours of a TV season.

The other trailers for Star Trek didn't give me any hope that this movie would be any different. They looked slicked-up and sexed-up with no hint of a story, plot or real interest in exploring the characters. As if they re-imagined it without using any imagination, just digital effects and crazy camera work. George Lucas has convinced me that great special effects do not make a great movie. So my expectations started plummeting faster than the stock market.

This new trailer is completely different. Sure, it still looks extra-slick but they've shown some story. Kirk has something to prove, a past to overcome. There's a bad guy who seems to be after Kirk for revenge. Sure, there's some sort of ice planet involved (or is it just Antarctica?) and they seem to have better technology than when they were on their five year mission, but at least I have some hope now. I just don't want to develop too much hope, because nothing kills a movie going experience more than high expectations that aren't met (not even close). Thanks again, George Lucas.

Hey, I thought of another reason not to be worried about the new Star Trek movie. George Lucas isn't involved!

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