Monday, March 9, 2009

post about nothing

Well, the bad news is I've been sitting here for about twenty minutes trying to come up with a blog topic and nothing is coming to me. Of course, I haven't spent the twenty minutes just sitting and staring at the proverbial blank screen. No, since this is the Internet, I've been able to catch up on other blogs that I read and check to see if there is anything interesting on Facebook. My brother has changed his phone number and my brother-in-law was tagged in some "farewell to San Francisco" picture album.

Since I am sitting at the Macintosh, I was also able to finish a tricky widget game of sudoku that has been waiting for my attention. And the podcast feeds on iTunes have been refreshed for the umpteenth time today (imagine that, "umpteenth" is okay with the spell checker!). So I've been pseudo-productive.

I finally decided just to start writing in a stream-of-conscious style and hope that a topic would emerge. Being able to waste time on the computer isn't such a great topic, so I'm hoping something else will show up. Or I could keep writing about nothing, a la Seinfeld. The problem is I never watched Seinfeld that much, so I just know the show is famous for being about nothing. How did they actually pull that off? It couldn't really have been about nothing, otherwise the actors would have just sat around on an empty stage not doing anything. Or better yet, the broadcast could just be a silent, black screen. Think of how cost-effective a show that would be...but who would watch just to see an NBC peacock symbol in the corner of a black screen? Maybe the fun would be in trying to anticipate when the commercials would come on.

Clearly, stream-of-consciousness leads to silliness. I will have to concentrate more tomorrow on thinking of a topic before the evening comes. My apologies to the readers for this useless fluff.

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  1. Next time you have trouble coming up with a topic, maybe you could write about how wonderful your wife is. Just an idea from a random reader :)