Monday, March 30, 2009

Paschal Candle Making--setting up the mold

We are making a Paschal candle for our church group. Last year, another member made the candle and I helped with the process. This year, he is out of town so it's fallen to us. We made our first pour last night and let the candle cool in the garage. To make next year's candle easier, I decided to chronicle the process for whoever winds up making the candle.

The first thing to document is the web site we used to guide the candle making process. The good thing about the web site is that it goes through the process of making a pillar candle step by step with clear instructions and with pictures (something we failed to do, sorry!). The bad thing is that it describes using a metal mold, which we are not using for this candle.

We are using a four-inch diameter PVC pipe that is about four feet long. We have a cap for the end of the pipe through which a small hole is drilled. This serves as the base of the pillar and it's where the wick goes through. Before assembling, though, we sprayed the inside of the pipe and the cap with candle mold release so that it will come out of the tube more easily at the end.

Tacky wax is used to seal the hole so that hot wax does not leak out of the mold while it cools. To hold the wick up straight, we tied it to a chop stick. Any stick would do; we have plenty of chopsticks in our drawer that never get used. We twisted the wick around the stick until it was tight. This set up should keep the wick centered during pouring.

Everything is set, except for melting the wax and pouring, which will be a separate blog.

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