Sunday, March 22, 2009

quick update

Just a quick post today--we had a fun visit to the National Zoo with some friends from our church group. Pictures should be up on Facebook in a day or two at the most. The weather was really great, in the 60s. It was actually nicer to be outside than to be in any of the buildings at the zoo. Usually visitors flee the heat of DC summers in the Great Ape House or the Reptile exhibit. Not today!

Jacob's favorite thing was seeing the cows fairly closely. A hippo the size of a small minivan was quite impressive, too. The famous panda bears weren't so fascinating to him. The elephants were too far away to get a good look, so we'll have to go back. Jacob also enjoyed having popcorn for the first time. After we convinced him to try one, he kept coming after us to get more. We're doomed if he figures out we can make it at home...

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