Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abraham and Mary

My church group is coming to the end of its study of Abraham. I am supposed to give an opening reflection (called an admonition) for tonight's bible study. In order to get my thoughts together, I'm using the blog to draft out my idea. We shouldn't read from notes or a script, so I'll just read this over a couple of times beforehand and wing it as best as I can when I am in front of the group. Here it is:

Brothers and sisters, today we come close to finishing our study of the great father of our Faith, Abraham.

Abraham did not search for God. Remember in the catechesis, Emanuele said that Abraham had nothing to lose. That is not to say that Abraham had tried everything else, so the Hebrew God was next on the list. No, this was a totally original event. God came to Abraham and led him out of Ur. God manifested great generosity to Abraham, saying he will be blessed among men, blessed in his offspring, blessed with land. This miracle was all the more impressive because of Abraham’s circumstances. He was a nomad, he had no land. His wife was old, beyond child-bearing years. He himself was old. Nevertheless, God fulfilled His promises and gave him a land and a son. But God asked him to sacrifice his only son, so how could he have descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky or the sand on the shore? Abraham depended completely on God’s power, he had faith. God did the rest

Today is also March 25, the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. This too was a totally original event. God chose someone to continue His saving plan, to be the culmination of the promise to Abraham. God spoke a promise through an angel to Mary. This promise was even more impossible—she will bear a child before she’s ever with her husband or any man, and that child will be the Son of the Most High. Eventually, at the cross she became the mother of all the faithful who believe in Jesus. Mary depended completely on God’s power. God did the rest.

God has chosen us as He chose Abraham, as He chose Mary. He calls us to depend on His power, and He will do the rest.

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