Friday, March 20, 2009

Jacob's day

Jacob's had a tough day. First he and Angie wake up before I do. Typically he likes to bring a book into our bed and read. He does this at pretty much any time of the day. Apparently, he tried this morning but Angie let me sleep. Thanks, my beautiful wife!

The day proceeded fairly normally--breakfast, getting changed, getting ready to go to the library. 10 a.m. story time was our destination. I gave Jacob his froggy sippy cup to drink from on the way there. By the time we got there, his pant leg was pretty wet from a leaky cup (sorry little man for not tightening it enough!). It looked like he had a diaper overflow. Searching the diaper bag yielded a clean top but no clean pants for him to wear. Not wanting to submit him or me to shame, I took him back to the car to drive home. He was very upset about that, as was I. We were supposed to go grocery shopping too. That didn't happen in the morning either.

When we got home, Angie came carefully down to see what was going on. When she heard us coming in, she thought someone was breaking into the house! Jacob and I put some laundry on and played with his blocks and such.

He went down pretty easily for his morning nap, but woke up early from the nap and wanted some lunch. After filling him up, we headed out to the library again (I promised to make it up to him). This trip was much more successful. We found some cool toys to bring home. He actually tried to put on the elephant hand puppet and play with it. Elephants have become big for Jacob. He always demands the elephant marching song from Disney's Jungle Book. We also got the Sandra Boynton book Hippos Go Berserk. I hope it's okay. How berserk can they get? But I digress. The library is having another summer reading program, so we'll probably have Jacob do that again. Last year the theme was "Catch the Reading Bug"; this year's theme is about creativity. I hope it's lots of fun like last year.

The grocery store visit was okay. Jacob didn't go berserk over the bananas we bought, which is unusual. Normally he wants to hold/eat them right there in the store. Maybe the fact that I back up the cart to the banana stand and snuck our purchase right under his seat worked out well. We picked up a 64 oz. bottle of apple juice, which Jacob insisted on having right by his seat. He tried to drink it by biting on the cap. To bad I started an embargo on the sippy cup! One of the other patrons laughed when she saw Jacob giving so much attention to the apple juice. He did get cranky at one point so the pacifier came out. He still charmed everyone at the checkout (where he usually gets cranky since I invariably pick the slowest line).

After dinner, we went to Rita's (caveat clickor: the linked web site has a lot of sound), a local Italian ice and custard stand. Since today is the first day of spring, they were giving away a free small Italian ice. The only difficulty was it did not feel like the first day of spring. The temps were in the mid-40s. Surprisingly, such low temps didn't result in shorter lines. Free is a powerful draw. Angie and Jacob had to flee for warmer stores (the Rita's stand is outdoors) while I awaited our turn. The ices were good. We tried to give Jacob some but he still doesn't trust very cold food. Someday he will understand the joy of ice cream and such treats. Until then, Angie and I will have to pick up the slack for him. We are caring parents. No sacrifice is too great for our son.

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