Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowday--a day off

As luck would have it, we live just north enough to get the occasional big (relatively speaking) snow storm but far south enough that the local and state governments really don't invest properly in snow removal resources. Last night's 5-6 inches of snow gave us the day off today. It is a good news.

We aren't quite sure if where we live is a suburb of Washington, DC, or a suburb of Baltimore. We live closer to Baltimore but more commuter buses go south to DC. Either way, it is a suburb and our local street didn't get plowed out till well past noon. Long after most of us had shoveled out our driveways and sidewalks. As I was clearing off mine, I saw the next door neighbor with her two kids cleaning up theirs. Naturally they finished before I did. They got out the toboggan and did some runs down the front lawn. Angie and I waited till the afternoon to take Jacob out in the backyard. We have a well-sloped backyard that makes it tough when the badminton set is up, but it works quite well for our little sled. Jacob enjoyed his first run more than subsequent runs. Both Angie and I had our own individual runs, too. I'll be posting video to our YouTube account later on.

He also seemed to enjoy walking around in the snow. Anytime it got on his hands, though, he'd come to us and hold them out to us to take care of it. If only he would wear gloves! We tried to get mittens on his hands, but each time one hand was mittened, he'd use the other to take it off. It quickly turned into a fun game. A fun game for him, that is. After one or two stumbles in the snow, Jacob was starting to look more like Frosty. By the time we got inside, he was very rosy-cheeked. And very happy. I look forward to many other snow storms in the coming years.

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