Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Play Date at Our Home Again!

We had another play date here at the home of the Reningers. Last time, we ended the play date when toddlers starting crying left and right. Today was a new story.

We had a new mom, Elana, with her daughter Justine. They joined Sharon and Chloe, Terri and Caroline, and me and Jacob. We had a good time in the family room playing with a variety of Jacob's toys.

Chloe loved to climb on the rocking horse. The only trick was the rocking horse has wheels, so he doesn't rock back and forth. This didn't stop Chloe. She figured out how to go forwards and backwards since her legs were the perfect length. Then she turned the horse around and Justine came and helped to push her forward. It was so cute, if only we had caught it on video. Maybe next time.

Everyone was great at sharing the toys, especially a little inflatable ball that was handed back and forth several times. I left Jacob's Easter basket out. They played with the plastic eggs which were empty. After several disappointed openings, we parents started putting items in the eggs, which made them into rattles as well as containing surprises. The other thing they shared from the Easter basket was the purple shredded paper that was the grass. The tots were a little too good at sharing that, as the carpet rapidly became strewn with grass! As we (the parents) tried to clean up by sweeping the grass into piles, the children would spread the paper grass around again. Eventually, we won out.

Jacob started to get really tired and was only a little whiny. But he definitely made the signal to go. He led the way out of the family room and was ready to climb the stairs to bed. I made him be polite and say good-bye to our guests. A good time was had by all. Next week, we meet at Elana and Justine's!

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