Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jacob is cute again!

Auntie Rosemary arrived late last night to spend the week with us. This morning when Jacob woke up, he wasn't super excited to see Rosemary (though I credit that to his having just awakened). When we got downstairs and opened the blinds to the back porch, his enthusiasm changed entirely.

Rosemary brought her two Pyrenees dogs with her. They were hanging out in the back yard. As soon as Jacob saw them, he made a bee-line to the back door to point and shout and laugh at the dogs. We went out briefly this morning to pet the dogs, which would have been the highlight of the day, except we went out later.

In the afternoon, we spent a good deal of time in the back yard. Jacob had a lot of fun running around after the dogs. He had a lot of fun using the grooming tools on the dogs. He also had lots of fun splashing in their drinking water. I tried to convince him that he was getting their water dirty, but he wouldn't listen to me. But then the piece de resistance came. Jacob did this:

I hope this embeds properly. Enjoy!

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