Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jacob's new room

We moved Jacob into his new big boy room last week. We decided to move him early so that he wouldn't blame his sister for kicking him out of the nursery. I'm sure he'll find other things will give him cause to put the blame on her.

His new room has a toddler bed, which is about one foot high and has the same mattress as his crib. The first night he slept in it he woke up a few times and stood on the mattress as if he couldn't get out. He never could before in the crib, thanks to the bars. After a couple of daytime naps, he figured out that just because he is on the mattress doesn't mean he is stuck in bed. He can get in and out of it readily on his own now. He is super-stealthy about it as well. We often don't know he's up until he accidentally slams his door open or bangs on it when it is fully shut and he can't open it.

He has two new bookcases from Ikea for his books and toys. The books take up almost two shelves. Luckily, part of the stock is from the library so it will keep rotating and he'll always have new stories to look through. Lately, he flips through a book, puts it back on the shelf (!?!), makes the "again" sign language sign, gets the book back off the shelf and starts reading again. If we are lucky, he doesn't make us read it to him over and over.

His toys are neatly shelved for now. He has not spent a great effort in spreading them all over the room, but I am sure the day will come. We are hoping to find a train set for him to play with. Thomas the Tank Engine is one of his favorites, so we are on the watch at craigslist. Also, we think he is ready for Duplo blocks, so we'll keep an eye out for those as well. I went to a couple of garage sales and a flea market yesterday, but only found a toy elephant and a toy saxophone.

The next thing we need to work on is the wall decorations. We've already moved the picture of us into his room. We need to decide where Aunt Gertrud's quilt will hang and where to put his National Geographic map (thanks, Aunt Helen!). Plenty of wall space is still available, so we will hang some other items too. Angie heard on Pregtastic (a podcast by, for and about pregnant women) that it is a good idea for siblings to have pictures of each other in their rooms. Of course, the only pictures of #2 are ultrasounds. I don't think he will comprehend who's in the picture.

I would attach pictures of his room but the little guy is napping. Once the walls are looking good, we'll create a montage.

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