Friday, April 17, 2009

End of Easter Break

How can Sunday be the last blog I wrote? It seems like forever. I do want to keep the blog up, but will need to rename it. Or maybe "lent" can be an acronym for something. Joseph Reninger's Life, Entertainment, News and Trivia? Descriptive but bland. I am open to suggestions...Anyway, I will provide some updates since Sunday.

We seem to have recovered from sickness, though Jacob has all the signs of teething again--drooling, cranky, bitey, not sleeping well. Hopefully he will be over it soon. He was a little destructive on our play date Wednesday. He bashed in a toy drum with its own drumstick (though it already had a hole in it) and kept pulling off a lampshade from a toy lamp. Luckily he neither broke the lamp nor wore the lampshade on his head. We have a New Members' Brunch tomorrow with PATH. Hopefully it won't be too violent. Check back tomorrow.

Rosemary headed back on Tuesday after a wonderful visit. We had a fun time hanging out, even if that did mean being sick together for some of it. On Monday, we went out to visit my mom in Front Royal, which was a lot of fun for all. Mom wanted to celebrate Rosemary's birthday with her (though it doesn't come till next month), so we did the usual restaurant followed by dessert at home. We'll send a present from the Reninger household of Columbia later.

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