Thursday, April 2, 2009

Paschal Candle Making--Finishing up

The next morning, the candle was nice and cool with a couple of holes in the middle, just like we left it the night before. I melted some of the leftover wax (about an inch in one of the small pots) and poured it into the holes we had made last night. It poured in quickly and there was no sign that the holes were filled. So I melted another couple of chunks of wax. I poured that in and still no sign. So I melt some more two more times before finally seeing the holes were filled. This took a good two or three pounds of wax, a lot more than I thought it would. Experience is a good teacher. I let the candle cool again.

Now the candle is ready to be pushed out of the mold at church. Last year, this was quite an ordeal from what I have heard. I wasn't helping push it out. I think they used a big stick and several strong people to get the deed done. Since I am writing this before going to church, I don't know what the results are. I hope it came out okay and it looks alright. Since we are traveling to San Francisco, I'm probably going to have to drop off the candle and not find out until we get back how it went. Maybe someone will call me to say it's a do-over or it's perfect. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Also, I am probably going to pre-write a couple of blogs so I make my blog-a-day goal. So readers may not hear till Monday what the results are. I hope the suspense isn't too much.


  1. Joseph,

    I was googling on how to make altar candles out of pvc pipe and found your blog. So how did the Paschal candle come out?


  2. We just pushed the candle out last night (a little too late for Easter Vigil, but we will use it through Pentecost and for special events). It came out really well. We put the tube outside for about an hour to cool it down (it was in the 50's Fahrenheit). We put a baseball bat on the ground then lowered the candle/pipe onto it. The weight wasn't enough, but we picked it up and pushed it down twice and out it came. It looks really good. Someone with artistic ability is painting an image on it now. I will definitely post a final picture of it on the blog.