Friday, January 29, 2010

Jacob the Inventor

Jacob made a fabulous new invention a couple of months ago, but I have only compiled the evidence recently. Here he is overlooking his new masterpiece:

"What!?!" you may say. "That's just a pile of toys and junk!" To the untrained eye it may appear so. Closer examination reveals a chopstick in his blurry hand. "That's just another piece of junk," you may counter. But you have to realize the blurriness is not an accident. He is repeatedly striking the various tins in front of him. He has in fact just invented the drum set. Lest you think this photo is some Photoshop fakery, check out this video clip of the master testing his invention:

Of course, the drum set has already been invented. But I'll bet the person who invented it wasn't TWO YEARS OLD!! Just think what will come next from such a fertile and active imagination.

Jacob is pretty serious about drumming too. See him here making another drum disciple:

So, look out drummers of the world! An up-and-comer is growing up fast and will be coming for your audience soon. Jacob is bound to make a big noise on the music scene.


  1. The videos are not currently available. Get on that - you can't leave us hanging like that. :)