Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jacob's Headgear Woes

It's Winter here in Maryland, which means the temperatures are abysmally low. We still go outside to do things but have to bundle up. Unfortunately, Jacob has a aversion to wearing hats. He never puts a hat on if he can help it. If the hat is new, he'll wear it for a little while. Then the disdain for headgear kicks in and it's goodbye annoying thing on my head.

The past couple of snow storms, we've begged and pleaded for him to wear a hat. He finally relented when we told him he could not go outside without wearing a hat. As soon as we'd come in, the hat was the first thing he'd remove.

A couple of months ago, we went to the Savage, Maryland, Fire Department for an open house. Among the items we got to take home was a plastic fire helmet which Jacob never showed any interest in wearing before. Lately, he has changed his mind. Maybe he's discovered that firefighters are cool. At any rate, he's taken to the firefighter hat and even wears it when playing with his little fire truck:

He's become even more stylish with it, wearing the helmet backwards and, if you look closely in the next picture, riding on his tiny fire truck.

If only it were a warmer hat, we'd make him wear it outside.

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