Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun in the Kitchen

In case I haven't written about it before, Angie and I have started a campaign to trick our children into liking chores. In stead of calling them "chores," a word with lots of negative baggage attached to it, we plan on calling them "hanging out." Thus we "hang out" in the living room with the vacuum (though Jacob doesn't like the noise of the vacuum cleaner), we sing songs while cleaning up toys and we have fun while doing the dishes.

It must be working, because Jacob is spontaneously finding fun in the kitchen. After lunch today, I was cleaning some of his cups and utensils in the sink. When I was done, I grabbed the spray nozzle and started rinsing down the sink. Jacob thought this was pretty hilarious. He loved the noise and the sight of the water flying out of the nozzle. Since then, every time we were in the kitchen he said, "Want Daddy to spray sink!" It seems pretty harmless, so I've complied so far. I hope he finds the rest of washing dishes fun soon...before the water bill does us in.

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