Monday, January 25, 2010

Imitation and Flattery

One of the problems I have been working on is getting Jacob to brush his teeth in the morning. He always brushes his teeth at night as part of his bath before bed. He enjoys it immensely. Usually mom or dad brushes his teeth first. Then he gets a turn. Jacob always points out that the toothbrush's bristles are blue and white and then he gets to the business of cleaning his own teeth. He mostly just sucks on the toothbrush. That Thomas the Tank Engine toothpaste is pretty tasty. At least, that's what I've heard.

Anyway, in order to get him to brush in the morning, I've implemented a new strategy. Every morning I make sure to walk out of the bathroom after my shower and let Jacob see me brushing my teeth. After a week of good example, Jacob said to me the other morning, "Jacob brush teeth now." Off he ran to his bathroom. He came back with the toothbrush in his mouth (we leave it on the end of the sink, so it is in easy reach), smiling as much as he could. I smiled too.

Except when I realized that I left his bathroom door closed. I guess he didn't want to let us know that he's figured out doorknobs too.

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