Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jacob and Lucy at Play Group

Jacob was initially reluctant to go to today's play date. When I asked him this morning, he said, "No go to play date." After some coaxing, he relented and said he wanted to go to Eddie's so he could play with trucks. I told him we were going to Justine's and that there would be trucks. He was suspicious but went along anyway.

We arrived and found plenty of trucks to play with, along with a little railroad track and some ride on toys as well. Jacob had a great time. Lucy stole the show, though, when one of the little girls brought out some cat ears. Lucy tried them on and even let me get a good shot of her wearing them:

It was an extra fabulous play date because Justine's mom whipped up a lunch in no time at all. we had some pizza, fruit and salad with a cookie for dessert!

At dinner tonight, Jacob said to me, "Want to go to play group." I explained that we just went to play group this morning. Jacob thought about that and said, "Want to go to play group...some more!"

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