Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Luckily, Jacob wasn't Adam

Jacob's latest obsession is trucks. Pick up truck, dump trucks, recycling trucks, loaders, diggers, excavators, cement trucks, etc. etc. He likes to watch videos on YouTube. He reads books from the library (did you know that John Deere has put out a whole line of toddler books featuring their trucks?). He stops in the middle of walks to watch construction trucks do their business. During the recent snowstorms, he's watched trucks clearing away the snow mountains. He plays with toy trucks of all shapes and sizes. He colors in pages we print from the Internet. Well, he scribbles on them, but for him, that's coloring.

Yesterday, he brought a truck to dinner (a habit I hope will end soon). It was a small dump truck. As we were eating, he told us about it. He said, "Credit goes dump dump." At first, we didn't know what he was talking about, but Jacob clarified for us, "Credit goes dump dump!" He finally elaborated since we were too dense to take his meaning. "Credit Card the dump truck goes dump dump!" So his new latest hobby is naming things. I hope he can come up with better names for his other trucks. Suggestions are welcome!


  1. That is the most hilarious name for anything I have ever heard!! Our college friends' kids would just name things what they were: Rabbit, Frog, etc.

  2. Agreed. There is nothing wrong with Credit Card for a name.