Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lucy's New Ride

Lucy has made another first today. Gone are the highly hazardous days of riding in her stroller while Jacob rides in the cart. We went to Costco today. Since Lucy has done so well at home sitting by herself, I decided to try her out sitting next to her brother in the shopping cart:

This picture is after we checked out. Lucy clearly is not having as much fun as she was at the beginning. She did have a good time, though. She didn't even try to take Jacob's cookie from him when we tried a sample. Some day, you too will get to sample Costco's finest, Lucy!

Jacob was constantly looking over his shoulder, back to the past when he was the lone rider. Alas, that past is gone. Or maybe he was looking to the future, when he'd ride in the cart with the groceries. Most likely, he was looking for the next free cookie.

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