Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Library Summer Reading Program

On Saturday, we went to the East Columbia Branch of our local library for the kickoff of the Summer Reading Program. We signed up Jacob and Lucy for the Wee Splash reading program, which included tickets to a local minor league baseball game in August and our favorite, coupons for Chick-fil-A. We also participated in lots of fun activities.

At one of the craft tables, Jacob had the chance to decorate a fan. He didn't use any of the stickers but he did doodle on it with a purple pen. Outside, he put some dirt and seeds in a cup. Unfortunately, we've already lost track of the cup, so the seeds may not get to grow.

Jacob and Lucy listened as County Council member Calvin Ball and his daughters read stories at 10 a.m. Unfortunately at 10:10 the overhead speaker announced that the bubble lady show was starting immediately. The children went wild for the bubble show and the poor councilman was left reading to his own kids. My only consolation is that Jacob lost interest about 10:05, so he and I had already wandered away. The bubble lady was impressive. She made gigantic bubbles while the crowd oohed and ahhed. I took Lucy and got in line for the balloon guy during the bubble show. The line had little to no progress, so we didn't get a balloon there. As we checked out, Lucy swiped a balloon from the front desk. I guess she really did want one.

Unfortunately, the only pictures we got were on the way out with my cell phone of Jacob with an unrecognizable mascot/gigantic cat. A prize will go to anyone who can identify this creature:

Jacob tries to avoid an embarrassing photo op by sneaking past

Lady tries to convince him it won't be embarrassing

You judge the result; all I can say is, "Jacob, I'm sorry"

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  1. I think that "character" is Skippy Jack Jones . . . You need to catch up on your children's story characters.