Saturday, June 12, 2010

Everybody loves a parade

Part of the Columbia Arts Festival this year was the Kinetic Art Parade. We thought it would be interesting for Jacob, so we decided to go. It might have been the shortest parade I've ever seen. The time span worked well with Jacob's attention span.

Naturally, the parade started with a police escort, the sort of police Jacob likes:

It also starts with a banner from the parade organizer or host or sponsor:

Jacob was more interested in the flags that came behind the banner, but after that came the police that he didn't like. These cops blare their sirens at full volume!

You would think the cutesy vehicle's full volume wouldn't be so bad, but Jacob wouldn't agree. The next car was better because it threw candy at us:

We went from old guys to old friends as Jacob's favorite man in black came marching by:

I'm not sure if Darth Vader was waving or doing Jedi mind tricks on the crowd. All I know is Darth is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life. Not as cuddly as a Jawa, but who is?

Jacob loved the next group the most. Not only did they have a dragon (notice Jacob pointing excitedly)...

...but they also had what Jacob was really pointing at, a big big drum!!

Jacob also liked the city bus, but was still looking with longing after the drum:

We passed this car driving in to the parade and we wondered if it would be part of the fun. You can't really tell here, but that's a sand castle on the roof. A lot of sea shells were on the back bumper too.

Another loud entry, at least according to Jacob, was the lone marching band in the parade (I think they had to have one in order to qualify as a parade):

We knew it was the end when we saw the cops coming again, leading another parade of sad drivers who didn't know they were on the parade route until too late.

I'll bet they too were glad that it was the shortest parade I've ever seen.

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