Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free Swim Day at Columbia Pools

The second Sunday of June, July and August is free swim day at the Columbia Pools if you have a resident ID card. Since Lucy got her photo snapped and laminated on Wednesday, the whole family could go to our local pool for some fun in the sun and water. Jacob walked there with enthusiasm if not with speed.

Lucy was concerned, as was her father, about the bathing suit she had to wear. It was free from a friend. That friend has fled to Hawaii and won't be back for three years at the earliest. Hopefully she'll forget by then. I hope she doesn't start reading this blog at just the wrong time!

Who are these Teletubbies on my suit! I want hobbits!

Once at the pool, we wasted no time in getting to the fun. Jacob charged right in to the wading pool and walked all the way across it. The water rose to just above his navel, but he didn't mind the cold. He had a great time splashing around.

Lucy stayed with mommy and daddy. She's not ready for the toys or long stays just yet. I tried laying her back in the water, but she looked nervous. She became more used to the water quickly.

Jacob's old nemesis from last year, the frog slide, is still in the wading pool. Last year he went down the slide and went fully under water and got a noseful of water. He apparently remembered the incident, because this was as close as he would get to the business end of the amphibian.

Whoops, I guess Lucy did play with one of the toys we brought! Yay, little red cup.

Jacob asked to change shorts when we got out of the pool. I think he wanted something dry to wear. Alas, we hadn't anything to change into. Consequently, he walked very slowly all the way home. I had to hold his hand and keep his momentum forward. I asked if he wanted to ride in the stroller. He insisted on walking. We made it home just as Aunt Regina arrived for her quartet practice. This perked him up enough to make it into the house and dry clothes followed with a good nap. We can't wait for July 11 to come!


  1. Thanks for all of the updates. I laughed out loud a few times. Good work, Joseph. Love, Granny

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