Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cry Room Chronicles IV

You'd think that a special Father's Day breakfast would delay our Sunday morning routine and force us to go to a Mass later than 8 a.m. Somehow, we arrived two minutes early. I am sure of this because when we walked in Father told the deacon (who was ready to process into the church) that they had two more minutes before starting. That gave us plenty of time to get situated in the Children's Chapel at St. Louis.

The children were fairly well behaved this Sunday. Lucy did get fussy half way through the homily. I heard the beginning where Father discussed how we are always being tested. We see this in this week's gospel, where Jesus asks His disciples, "Who do people say that I am?" They reply, "John the Baptist or Elijah or one of the prophets." Jesus follows up with, "Who do you say that I am?" with Peter's reply, "You are the Christ of God." Father then challenged us to consider who Jesus is in our lives. More importantly, how does our faith in Jesus impact our lives and our actions. At this point, Lucy became more of a distraction, so I missed out on the end. But even that much is a good challenge to any Christian believer.

Lucy was also very distracting later on. Our friends with two young boys were with us again. Lucy was sitting near the door and the younger boy (I guess he was one to two years old) took his mom's keys and tried to give them to Lucy. At first, he would lay them on the floor in front of her out of her reach. She just looked at him, doe-eyed. He would pick them up and then lay them closer to her. Eventually he started trying to hand them to her. Lucy kept up the coy act until he practically put the keys in her hands. Both were all smiles at this. We parents thought it was cute too.

We had more than the usual good time at the sign of peace. Among the four adults and four children in the room, I shook hands about nine times. Jacob still sings along with the parts of the Mass and the hymns to the best of his ability.

After Mass was over, we decided to go to the playground on the church's property. Jacob really enjoyed playing there. All sorts of ladders, stairs and climbing rocks led to an upper level with slides and other toys to play with. Jacob liked to run around all over and wanted me to climb up the rock steps with him. I obliged, though I didn't follow him down the slide. Maybe next time.

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