Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jacob and Cell Phones

Jacob loves cell phones. He loves to play with them. He loves to push the buttons and see what happens. He likes to take pictures and play games on cell phones. And he has no reservations at all about asking people for their phones.

Usually, he harasses his mom and dad for their phones. My cell phone has about 200 pictures on it, 10 of which I took. The rest were by Jacob. I'll have to do a picture gallery of his work at some point. He also recently discovered my Sudoku app, which he loves, though he calls it "whodoku" every time. He even enters numbers though he has yet to complete a grid successfully. Angie's phone is also mostly a camera to Jacob.

The rest of the family gets to share with Jacob. Aunts Rosemary and Regina have recently upgraded their mobile phones. Jacob likes to play with the new phones and the old ones. He is always asking for whichever one isn't currently in his hands. They are very good natured about it.

Our friends are also targets for Jacob's addiction. "Uncle" Brian has a Droid cell phone, which has a lot of games including animal noises, fireworks and bubble wrap popping. Jacob has been too fascinated to even ask for camera mode. And Zahra's mom Patricia (from play group) also always receives cell phone requests. She is very patient and generous in loaning Jacob her phone. He is totally shameless in asking for it in his charming toddler way.

Last play date, we went to a neighborhood park with swings, a slide, a sandbox, and some riding animals and cars. Jacob had a fun time running around and playing, but he did load up Patricia's phone with pictures. He put some on my phone as well. While we were playing, another lady came with a child to the playground. I had to take Lucy back to the house to feed her a bottle. When Lucy and I came back, not ten minutes later, I discovered Jacob playing with the new lady's iPhone! He even convinced her to download the bubble wrap app so he could play it. I can't believe he got her to let him play with her phone. I can't believe how shameless my son is. And how successful. At some point he'll have to learn to ask not for their phones but for the ladies' phone numbers!

Here's a sampling of the photos he took on my cell phone from Tuesday's playgroup:

Jacob got a little bit of himself in this shot by accident and lots of slightly blurry wood chips.

Less Jacob, more blur.

More Jacob, less blur.

Apparently, Jacob was abducted by aliens at some point during play date.
None of the moms mentioned it to me, though.

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