Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jacob continues his campaign....

Jacob is still at it. He is inventing new sleep patterns in order to keep us off our guard and under his thumb. I guess he has to be creative since his thumb is so small.

Today, he woke before 6 again. I stayed up with him for half an hour or so, then Angie took a shift. Eventually, all three of us were awake at the same time and had breakfast. His new trick for today is to pretend he doesn't like to eat. We know he is faking because he will still eat raisins, graham crackers and bananas. Other items he refuses initially (and sometimes continually). I'm not sure if he is holding out for the good stuff or just trying to manipulate us. Either way, he is driving us crazy...zombie crazy!

He took a shorter nap in the morning (just about 2 hours) and then was really excited in the afternoon to see Kaylee here. He loves hanging out with her. They went to the sand box at one of the local parks to play. They ran into some other kids and their mom. Kaylee was able to give her number to the mom, so maybe she will get some more babysitting opportunities. We were going to have Kaylee sit for us this weekend so we could see Star Trek, but that was before we realized it's Mother's Day weekend. Our schedule is already full, so hopefully maybe next week we will get an opportunity to see the movie.

After Kaylee left, we went to pick up the blue car from the shop. Jacob fell asleep on the way home. He slept long enough that we were able to cook dinner, but then he got up so we wouldn't have a quiet meal alone. He kept nodding off in the highchair. I felt bad for him. Finally we forced him to eat by feeding him a banana first. Then we fed him bread and chicken chili. We finally got him to bath and bed an hour later than usual. So much for going to church tonight. Hopefully he'll be more cooperative on the weekend.

If anyone knows any tricks to make him sleep into the morning hours, let us know. Please, we beg you!

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