Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jacob relents?

Sorry for the delay in reports from the frontiers of the new science of zombie making. It seems that Jacob is starting to relent in his scientific experiments on his parents. Today he slept in till 6 a.m.! And he took a four-hour nap for the second day in a row. I kept doing small projects today, thinking that he would wake up at any minute. So I managed to do a great deal of cleaning in the basement, I moved the War and Peace game from the basement to the study (in anticipation of the coming of Rosemary's cats), I cleaned and vacuumed downstairs (playdate is tomorrow here at the house), and did more organizing in the study. If only I had blogged!

The other big breakthrough for Jacob (that's also a break for us) is using a fork. He's been on and off putting forks and spoons of food in his mouth after we get some food on them. For the past week he has been trying unsuccessfully to pick up food with a fork or spoon, but tonight he was able to eat his carbonara with a fork all by himself (mostly). He'd get some pasta on the fork and get it into his mouth. It was very exciting for us; we can eat our meal while he eats, rather than feeding him and trying to feed ourselves at the same time. I'm sure he won't be using utensils all the time just yet, but this is very promising. Every day is a new adventure!

I am setting myself a new goal of at least two blog entries a week. Plenty of stuff is going on, but I haven't taken time to blog like I used to. I will set up a new calendar with goals to check off. That worked well during Lent, I am sure it will work again.

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