Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jacob's new discovery

We went to the park today with Jacob so that he could play on all the equipment. The only problem is that he is slowly abandoning all the equipment there.

First, he loved to ride in the infant/toddler swing, that was about all he would do at the park. Then he started climbing the wooden structure for a while. After a while, he discovered that it's lots of fun to go down the slide, so he'd only climb on the structure to go down the slide. Consequently, he realized that he could climb up on the bench and sit there with us which somehow is more fun than the climbing the structure. Then he discovered the wobble board and would only run over and stand and shake on it. Now, even that is losing its appeal.

So what's left? There's the mulch scattered on the ground. He loves to pick it up piece by piece and give it to us. Of course, if someone else is at the play area, he will give it to them instead. I am starting to worry, though. He has picked up a new interest. We've come to the time of year when little brown caterpillars are all over the place, especially at the park. Realize when I say he's picked up a new interest, I mean that literally. He's gentle at first but then I found him squeezing. Luckily that little caterpillar didn't pop. Surely it's only a matter of time though before he finds out they have a gooey center. I just hope it's a matter of a long time!

Or at least he will abandon this interest soon. But what is next?

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