Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Return of my sister

My sister Rosemary has moved back from Georgia and will be staying with us for a few months. She brings with her two dogs and two cats, so Jacob's world has been infused with new and exciting interactions.

Jacob has seen the dogs before (see this and that video). He is older now, which means that he can do more than ride and point at noses. He has tried to grab on to them and hold on as they walk away. So far, this has only yielded little fistfuls of fur. He must remember that he rode one of them once, because when they lie down he tries to get on their backs. We've been pulling him off before he gets in trouble. Luckily, the dogs are very sweet and patient and put up with a lot that others would not.

The cats are fairly new to Jacob. He's seen them maybe three times before now. They are hanging out in the basement so Jacob doesn't see them too often. When we go down for laundry he gets extremely excited, i.e. he squirms and squirms until he is free to pursue them. The younger cat, Cyclopes, is smart enough to hide under the couch when Jacob is wandering around. Romulus, on the other hand, has been venturing out into the danger zone. Jacob has tried to sit on him as if he was one of the dogs! He has also tried to pet him and drum on him. Romulus has been amazingly patient and keeps coming back for more. I wonder if he will hit a breaking point or not. And if Jacob will ever get to see Cyclopes!

Angie and I are most worried about the possibility that Jacob will want to have a pet after Rosemary is gone. Hopefully he'll be satisfied with a little sister.

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