Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cry Room Chronicles XXVII

We had another slow morning this Sunday, so we wound up at the 9:30 a.m. Mass at St. Louis. In our usual fashion, we arrived a little bit late. Deciding to start out upstairs we found a mostly empty pew by the musicians.

Jacob and Lucy were fascinated by the musicians, who were the youth choir. Our children were moving around a lot when the music stopped (as if they were playing reverse Musical Chairs). The priest made it through the gospel and then asked us to pray that his homily would be worthy and beneficial to the congregation. Lucy decided to pray out loud, so we headed down to the children's chapel.

The crowd was not very big: a dad with a son and daughter, a dad with grandma (or other older female relative) and two sons. Later, two moms with a daughter each came in. Jacob glommed onto the books as usual. Lucy wandered around a little bit, tossing out the kneeling mats and saying, "I do that!" Her next act was to take the big bead rosaries and place one on mommy's neck, followed by one on daddy's neck. It made me think of the latest Catholic in a Small Town podcast where Mac talked about students at his school wearing rosaries as necklaces. "Mac probably wouldn't approve of Lucy's actions," I thought to myself. Lucy must be psychic, because she came and took them off our heads and put them back in their basket. Whew!

Otherwise things went pretty normally. Jacob and Lucy enjoyed putting money in the collection basket. Lucy worked the room at the Sign of Peace; Jacob could barely be bothered to participate. Then Jacob didn't want to go upstairs for communion! He reluctantly agreed when we said he could take one of the books up; he sat in the middle of the vestibule and read. Angie went in to receive first and made it back in time to watch him while I went. Lucy put money in the poor box; Jacob just kept on reading.

After Mass, we lit a candle like we did last week and prayed for Auntie Teresa, since her birthday was last week. Jacob and Lucy said, "Amen" and we headed home.

With Lucy's praying and walking to the children's chapel, we missed a good bit of the homily. I don't remember enough to put something coherent together, alas. Hopefully next week will be better...

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