Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cry Room Chronicles XXV

This morning featured a slow Sunday start, partly because of post-travel malaise. Jacob was especially feisty before leaving, which lasted during the drive to St. Louis for the 9:30 a.m. Mass. The bitter cold outside didn't help matters any.

We made it there just in time to hear the end of the opening hymn. Jacob wanted to sit with the congregation so he could see the choir and musicians. We lasted until the first reading when Jacob decided to go to the "reading room." So off we went to the children's chapel.

The crowd was fairly sizable in the children's chapel, though we only recognized one mom and her daughter. Jacob and Lucy took a little while to settle in. Jacob started cycling through all his favorite books. Lucy looked around and made eye contact with people but didn't really interact more with them. Mostly she held on to mommy. Eventually she started handing mommy and me the big play rosary beads. Soon enough, Jacob decided he wanted to go potty, but not to the potty in the chapel. Rather, he wanted to go to the upstairs bathroom like last week. So mommy and he headed off upstairs, eventually returning unsuccessfully. Maybe next week. Surprisingly, Jacob was uninterested in putting money in the collection and could barely be bothered to shake hands at the sign of peace. The books were just too interesting this week.

Jacob wanted me to watch him reading during the homily, so I only caught bits and pieces of it. The central theme of Father's sermon was accepting forgiveness even when you don't feel forgiven. God's forgiveness doesn't depend on your feelings or emotions but on your decision to confess your sins and the amend your life. Father gave some examples, especially from a retirement home where he ministers.

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