Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We may have to bring Lucy to the next craft...

Has jealousy reared its ugly head in our home?

Two weeks ago, Jacob made a craft at the library's pajama time. The theme was reptiles and the craft was making a snake. Snake making turns out to be quite easy, following these four simple steps:
  1. Take a colored paper plate.
  2. Cut it in a spiral. 
  3. Paste on two yellow circles for eyes.
  4. Paste on some red yarn for the tongue. 
The helpful librarians completed the first two steps for Jacob. All he needed was a little glue and the gumption (and help from Mommy). He brought the snake home, as proud as could be.

The next day, Lucy got a hold if it and tore him limb from limb. At least it would have been limb from limb if snakes had any limbs. Here's a reconstruction of Snakey, post-Lucy:
Okay, maybe treading on me wouldn't have been so bad.
Try as I might, I could not put Snakey back together again. It's just as well, since we probably would have a strict "No Reptiles" policy in the house if we thought about it.

Tonight, pajama time was craftless. Jacob still managed to come home with something, though. He habitually checks the vending machine slots at the library. My impression is that he thinks they are buttons needing pushing. Today, he found two cents:
Watch this magic trick!
Jacob's will probably ask to go to the mall tomorrow so he can throw the pennies into a fountain. Surely that's a better fate than what Lucy might have in store.

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