Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cry Room Chronicles IX

Jacob was extra-enthusiastic about misbehaving this week at church. I don't know if he wanted to show off for Granny (who is visiting) or he's discovered that we haven't come up with any negative consequences applicable at church. Angie tried giving him a time out after he drummed too long and too loudly for the second time. He enjoyed it so much that he asked for another time out when Mommy brought him back into the Children's Chapel. Yikes! We can't take away toys or videos since there aren't any. We are in quite a quandary.

Lucy did her usual crawling around and playing with books. She didn't do anything too naughty until she went to another row and filched the hymnal from under some one's chair. A dad with two well-behaved sons was the victim of purloining Lucy. Afterwards, Angie and I couldn't figure out what they were doing with us. The did a little coloring and a little wandering around but seemed pretty quiet and easy to manage.

Today's sermon, based on the parable of the rich man who stored up treasures for himself so he could live the easy life while his life would be forfeit that very night (check it out here), was all about being detached from material things. The stuff we own might give us pride in accomplishment or security from fear but the whole value system such attitudes are based on is not guided by the Christian perspective. The true Christian is grateful for material possessions and is generous in using them because they are not the final end. Material goods are for the greater end of working towards God's glory.

We did see our friends Luke, Kim and Timmy after Mass. We all hung out at the church's playground for a while. Chatting with them is always fun. I wonder if we could threaten Jacob with no playground time for misbehaving. Unfortunately, the consequence is probably too distant from the behavior to create the desired effect.

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