Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cry Room Chronicles LII

We went back to St. Robert's for the 9 a.m. Mass this week since we had such a smashing success last week. We were able to repeat a lot of the positives--we arrived early, Jacob went potty before Mass started, we had some religious books for the kids to help them be quiet and pray.

The Mass went smoothly. The kids were a little antsy now and then. Lucy didn't want to put the coin I gave her into the collection, so she grabbed a different one from my hand. She downgraded from a pound coin to a two-pence piece. I put her pound in the basket. Jacob prayed along with the creed as well as he could and was very good with the Our Father. At communion time, Lucy wanted to light a candle but we told her we'd do it later, once Mass was over. When lighting candles, Lucy prayed for the people of God (I can't believe she said that!); Jacob prayed from Mommy. It was pretty sweet. We never left during Mass and they were mostly behaved.

The sermon seemed to be a little rambling, though probably the kids distracting us was more of the problem than Father's delivery. He started off discussing the importance of having more than just a personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus Himself gave us not only a church to help know, love, and obey God. He also put someone in charge of that church, Peter and his successors (today's gospel is the "You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church" passage from Matthew). He talked about a bunch of other stuff, but I didn't quite absorb it.

He did talk about the call he got yesterday. The papal nuncio from Guatemala called to see if he could offer one of the Sunday masses. Father said the nuncio would be at the 11:30 a.m. Mass if anyone wanted to double dip. He had met the nuncio in Rome and has known him for some time. Then he told us the nuncio is Archbishop Gallagher, originally from the UK. He admitted it was a lot less impressive that the nuncio is someone he knows through English connections, but still it's pretty cool to have such a friend. We all had a good laugh.

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