Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cry Room Chronicles LI

After last week's rough time at the 8 a.m. Mass, we went back to St. Robert's for the 9 a.m. Mass, to give us more time in the morning and hopefully the children more sanity. The plan was quite successful.

We arrived about ten minutes early and we preemptively took Jacob to the potty across the street in the church hall. I saw people setting up tea and snacks. After Jacob did his business we headed back to the church. We walked in and still Mass hadn't started. I was pretty happy to be there from the beginning.

The children were very well behaved. Jacob sang the Gloria and even mentioned to Mommy how we sang it at Fountains Abbey. He tried on other songs with varying success. He did get antsy during the Consecration and claimed he had an emergency needing to go potty during Communion. Since he already claimed that several times in the past without having any results, I told him to wait till Mass ended. He fussed for a while but calmed down by the time we actually went to receive. Otherwise, Mass was pleasantly uneventful. We never had to take either child out of the church. No cry room in this chronicle!

After Mass, we didn't light candles but we did go across the street to the church hall for tea and snacks sponsored by the Catholic Women's Club. They were also selling assorted odds and ends. We had a snack and bought Giant Snakes and Ladders for Jacob, some ballerina slippers for Lucy (too small for her feet, but she thought they were cute), a set of Dalek playing cards, and other things for the house. We also bought two tickets for a raffle drawing. About ten minutes later, they pulled numbers and we won! Jacob came up with me, so I was too shy to take the bottle of wine. We took the box of Lindt truffles. We all enjoyed them after lunch.

The sermon for today (the Feast of the Assumption) focused on the blessings of Mary, mother of God. Father's basic point was that we all share in her blessings, because the promise of grace and Heaven and the resurrection of the body is for us all, if we do the will of the Lord. So we can take consolation in hearing how Mary was blessed.

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