Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cry Room Chronicles XXXIII

Losing an hour to daylight savings time this Sunday meant we were able to go to the 9:30 a.m. Mass like it was at 8:30! It worked out quite well for us. Granny and Grandpa are visiting and came with us. A good time was had by all, more or less.

Most of us wanted to go into the main body of the church. The exception was Jacob, who made a very loud protest just as we were entering, right in front of the priest and altar servers who were ready to begin Mass. Not wanting to cause a scene, I took Jacob where he wanted to go, the children's chapel. Grandpa came with us and we were the only ones there. I guess the usual 9:30 crowd couldn't make it earlier.

After a bit, Jacob wanted to go upstairs to go peepee. When we went to Stations of the Cross Friday night (which I should have blogged about but didn't) I showed Jacob the urinal in the men's room. He was really fascinated by it but didn't have anything to contribute Friday night. So today we went straight to the urinal. Unfortunately, Jacob had already gone at home and again didn't have anything to contribute. We washed our hands and headed back downstairs.

By this point, we were getting to the readings. After five minutes, Jacob asked for a diaper because he thought that he'd poop. I put it on him in the chapel bathroom which required another hand washing according to Jacob. Then Granny showed up with Lucy who was claiming poopiness. I checked her and she was clean. Lucy insisted on the diaper change even when I explained that she really didn't need it, so we changed her in the chapel bathroom. In Lucy's defense, she was a little wet. Granny and Grandpa offered to watch the kids in the chapel so I could go upstairs with Angie and have a more prayerful Mass.

I gratefully went upstairs (leaving Jacob to poop while I was gone, sorry Granny!) and found Angie. The homily was still going but I was too wound up from all the children's shenanigans to pay proper attention. It's too bad because the readings were really great ones--the Fall of Man in Genesis and Jesus tempted by Satan in the Desert. The rest of Mass went very smoothly and quite prayerfully. Thanks, Granny and Grandpa!

After Mass, we headed over to the playground where Jacob showed off his climbing skills to the amazement of his grandparents. He went down the slides forwards and on his tummy. He climbed all the ladders and once went up the rock wall (with a boost from me). He was having so much fun showing off that he didn't want to leave. I wound up carrying him to the van under protest. We made it up to him by taking everyone to the fabulous Sunday Jazz Brunch at Ram's Head Tavern in Historic Savage Mill. Jacob loved the Jazz trio!

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