Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catholic Media Promotion Day

Today (March 15, 2011) is Catholic Media Promotion Day, where we are encouraged to list our favorite new media Catholic things. Here's my list:

Three awesome Catholic podcasts:
  • Catholic in a Small Town is a scandalously funny podcast of a young Catholic couple raising children in a small town in Georgia.
  • A Good Story Is Hard to Find discusses books and movies seeing the Catholic angle in them, whether it's intentionally there or not. All truth is one, so if a writer or movie maker hits on the truth there's probably something related to the church you can say about it.
  • Catholic Stuff You Should Know is a fun podcast that covers all sorts of issues, stories, practices, etc. etc. about Catholic faith, history, people, and places.

Three awesome Catholic blogs:
  • Happy Catholic has quotes, wonderful pictures, great reviews, life stories, and other wonderful tidbits. The tag line is great too, "Not always happy but always happy to be Catholic."
  • John C. Wright's Journal is a great science fiction/fantasy writer with a blog to match. Very in-depth commentary and very erudite. Lately, there's been a lot of pictures of Julie Newmar as Catwoman, which I'm not complaining about.
  • The Sci Fi Catholic is a favorite that isn't very active any more. The blogger is now in seminary and has very little free time. Hopefully he will pick up more in the summer and after his intensive studies are over!

Three other media:
  • USCCB Daily Mass Readings to which I refer quite often, especially on my Cry Room Chronicles blogs.
  • Lots of parishes have good websites and our home parish (St. Louis) is in this group. If you're parish's website is lame, volunteer to help fix it!
  • If you travel a lot, like I used to, a handy site is Catholic Mass Times, where you can search for a parish wherever you travel.

Three random Catholic things online:
  • SQPN, the Star Quest Production Network is a conglomeration of different podcasts, blogs, and other new media initiatives that really does have stellar qualities (pun intended).
  • Maryland Catholic Conference is how I stay informed about statewide issues impacting social issues Catholics should be informed about. Also, they fascilitate contacting representatives when an issue comes up. The Maryland House of Representatives just killed a bill that would have rewritten the law stating marriage is between one man and one woman. Yay us!
  • New Advent has the Catholic Encyclopedia, Thomas Aquinas' Summa, the Bible, and a bunch of other great content.

My projects:
  • Life's Enchanting, Noteworthy Tidings, my original blog, started in Lent two years ago (when I blogged once a day as a Lenten penance!). Now it mostly consists of the aforementioned Cry Room Chronicles, which retells my adventures with the wife and two children under the age of four going to church each Sunday. Some day, I hope to hear the whole homily at church.
  • Zombie Parent's Guide, which hasn't had anything really Catholic yet, though the last entry was about Ash Wednesday. I did get a bunch of Catholic parenting books for Christmas that I am finally getting around to reading, so there's more to come.
  • Forgotten Classics, which isn't really my project but I am a contributor. The wonderful host, Julie, has let me record some fairy tales and folklore for her podcast which presents great stories from the past. Currently she's reading Robert Alter's translation of Genesis. I'm still recording and am glad to take any suggestions or requests!


  1. Why thank you ever so much for your kind mentions! :-)

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