Monday, September 13, 2010

Taken Home from the Library

Last week Jacob made it through another craft and came out smiling. The theme of pajama time was Grandparents. The craft was a hug:

The barely visible text is "I love you this much!"
Jacob tried to model it for me when he got home:

Check out the heart hiding behind the left hand!
It's a little big to hold out easily but he was very proud. He hasn't decided which grandparent to give it to. Possibly he'll forget about it before he sees any of them.

The day after Jacob's craft, I received an email from the staff at East Columbia. I had been participating in the summer reading program, submitting the titles I've been reading along with short reviews. At the end of the summer, they drew for prizes, and I won a tote bag full of books and other fun items:

What a haul!
Six books, three post-it note pads, a reading light, a lanyard, two CDs of audio book samples, a notebook, a key ring, a free ticket to Toby's Dinner Theater, a bookmark, a carbine clip, and (of course) a tote bag. Pretty awesome! I'll definitely participate next year.


  1. Congratulations, Joseph! Yes, what a haul. I'll bet you did some great reviews. Were those posted on your blogs? I read several well-written reviews. You deserved the prizes.

  2. The reviews on the zombie blog ( are much longer than what I could put on the half-sheets of paper at the library. I guess the library reviews were rough drafts or first thoughts on the books.