Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reading is Fun for Everyone

Today, Jacob and Lucy decided to read books in her room. Or should I say read a book in her room. Pat the Bunnywas their selection. Conveniently we have two copies of the book and two rocking chairs next to each other:
We love to read and pose for cute photos
At one point, Lucy discovered that they were both reading the same book:
Hey, I hope he doesn't give away the ending!
Alas, she wasn't too happy about this and decided to take it out on the book:
Too bad she didn't realize Jacob had moved on to another book
Is this another sign of competition among them? I hope it leads to more reading, not less.


  1. At first I was happy to see the two of them getting along so perfectly and was hopeful that Zahra and Saree would get along so well.. and then I read the last photo comment and sighed. :)

  2. There's always ebbs and flows with their relationship. Mostly Jacob and Lucy get along well. All the drama is in tension and conflict, though, isn't it?