Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Poo in Pool

Today was a hot day here in Columbia, Maryland. As early as I could in the morning, I mowed the lawn, which was long overdue (again). I started with the backyard, which means getting the dogs on the back porch and closing them in to keep everyone safe. During the break from the backyard to the front yard, I decided to fill Jacob's pool. So the dogs came off the back porch and we locked out from the porch while I put the hose in the pool. We try to fill it early because the water is cold and will hopefully warm up a little bit by the afternoon.

After his nap, lunch and a trip to the library (farmers' market day, so we got some good veggies and bread), Jacob and I finally got to enjoy the pool. He loves to take little cups and just pour the pool water. He pours it out on the porch. He pours it in the watering can. He pours it into a bucket in the pool. Meanwhile, I had my feet in the pool to cool off and was reading my book from the library. I heard Jacob pass gas once or twice but didn't think much of it. Then I noticed some discoloration of his swim diaper, and realized that it wasn't just gas. We got out of the pool and it took two parents to get him into clean, dry clothes. And we had to put a load of laundry on.

Jacob didn't seem at all phased by the proceedings. After he went to bed, I dumped out the pool water. Hopefully we'll have better luck tomorrow!

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