Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Celebrating the third anniversary

Today is our third anniversary of being married. To celebrate, we decided to adapt the old "pub crawl" idea in a new and glorious way. Last night I said, "We should do a bakery crawl. Since it's our third anniversary, we should go to three bakeries tomorrow for treats." Angie's reaction: "I can't wait for our 50th anniversary!!"

We picked three places here in Howard County and planned our itinerary based on when they opened. Since the first bakery opened at 7 a.m. and the other two at 10 a.m., we decided not to leave by dawn's early light (though Jacob did get us up in time, but that's another story). The first bakery we went to was Touche Touchet which is also the closest to home. Here we had a lemon torte, apple walnut cinnamon roll and vanilla chai:

Next, we went to Oh What A Cake, located in a Columbia strip mall. It was a little disappointing for two reasons: (1) we thought they opened at 9 and it turned out that they really open at 10 and (2) it was strictly take-out, i.e. no tables to sit at (or at which to sit, if you don't want me to end with a preposition). Otherwise, they had a lovely Almond Amaretto cupcake and we also got the plebeian butter cupcake with chocolate icing.

The AA cupcake was much better. We'd like to go back and try the pound cake, but they only sold that by the cake, not the slice, so we'd definitely not be able to continue on the bakery crawl.

Our final destination was Bonaparte's in historic Savage Mill. We have been to this bakery several times, mostly because we go shopping to the Family Game Store, though now that a used book store has opened in the Mill, we may go even more often. Angie had her favorite, the almond croissant, and I tried something new, the banana coconut chocolate concoction. We asked the waitress what it was called and she was unsure. She only knew how to describe it. I know how to describe it too...delicious!!

Since mine was smaller, I was able to finish eating it. I also helped Angie with her croissant.

After we got home and started to feel pastry coma coming on, Angie took back what she said about our 50th anniversary. My sister made the helpful suggestion that we could spread it out over 50 days. Hmmm....or should I say, mmmmm!!

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