Monday, July 6, 2009

Playing in the backyard

Jacob and I have invented a new game that we play in the back yard.

We usually go out into the yard one or two times a day to hang out. Jacob typically plays with leaves, sticks and rocks. Or he just wanders around looking at stuff. If a motorcycle goes by in the street or a plane overhead, he'll get excited and talk as much as he can about it. Sometimes he gets tired and asks me to pick him up. "Pi' up, pi' up" is usually what he says.

The other day I picked him up and we accidentally walked through some low-hanging branches. Jacob's head brushed some leaves. I said, "Low leaves, Jacob." He excitedly replied, "Lo' leaf, lo' leaf." His smile is super big and his eyes sparkle. Now we run into leaves on purpose when I'm carrying him around. It's a great game because it requires almost no equipment. We can even play it when we are out on walks and he decides that he has walked enough. I just have to keep an eye out for low branches and try not to duck.

Of course, if people have suggestions of other games to play in the backyard, we are all ears. Jacob still hasn't gotten the idea of balls down yet, so we aren't playing catch or kickball. Hopefully with Uncle Nate's visit, he can inspire Jacob to figure out and play with these big, round air-filled items.

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