Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cry Room Chronicles LXVII

Today we went to the 9 a.m. Mass. We were up and breakfasted early enough to go to the 8 a.m. Mass at the other church but we had signed up to provide the treats after Mass, so we had to go to 9 a.m. Mass to deliver our goods. We made brownies and pumpkin bread. We drove off and dropped the goodies across the street. Jacob took the opportunity to go to the loo. We walked back to the church where the procession at the beginning of Mass was just starting.

Since my wife took the children last week to children's liturgy, it was my turn to walk across the street. We went straight to the preschooler room. Lucy sat in my lap and Jacob sat right next to me. The lady lit a candle, said a short prayer, then read a book about the multiplication of loaves and fishes. Jacob sat up front to listen. Lucy stayed with me and starting singing to herself. I went into "shushing" mode for quite a while. Lucy was almost quiet but the rest of the children were respectfully silent, so I felt a little mortified. Then the coloring started. The assistant (the lady's son) handed out Good Samaritan coloring pages to everyone. Jacob politely refuse and wandered around a bit. Lucy did some coloring with various markers and then wanted to leave. Jacob was across the room and took a while getting back to us, mostly because children were strewn about the floor coloring their pages. By the time he returned to us it was time for everyone to leave.

We headed back to the church and found the pew where mommy sat all alone. Lucy was pretty fussy still. She took off her jacket and her shoes. She then stood on the pew, which wasn't too bad. She started stomping on the pew, which was bad. I went back into "shushing" mode. She calmed down for the sign of peace. She also clung a bit to mommy.

Jacob was quite good in the church. He was quiet and prayerful, saying the Our Father well. He even sang along with mommy for one of the hymns. We did not light candles after Mass but headed straight over to see how popular our treats were.

Tea and treats was very popular this week, though I suppose we can't take credit as no one but us knew about the brownies and bread. I did hear one small boy say, "I think that's toffee on top of the brownies." It was actually a cream cheese topping swirled in just before baking. It was tasty, though not so much as toffee would have been. Maybe next time. Our children both had brownies. We parents refrained since we had sampled them the night before to make sure they came out okay. We had a good time though we didn't chat with anyone new this week.

I completely missed the sermon this week. I wasn't even able to read the readings for today, so I will go do that now. See you again next week!

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