Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cry Room Chronicles LXV

Today is the Epiphany of the Lord. We went to our usual 9 a.m. Mass. We arrived with no problems. Jacob has fallen out of the habit of going to the loo before Mass, so we went straight into church.

Jacob did a great job at church. He was patient and often knelt when we did and said prayers along with everyone else. He enthusiastically shook hands with everyone around him during the sign of peace. I don't know about the offering because Lucy and I were out of the pew then.

Lucy was a bit to handle. She is becoming more and more contrary these days. She didn't want to keep her shoes on. She didn't want to color. She didn't want to sit quietly. She started talking more during the homily. I had to take her out midway through. Unfortunately, I found the vestibule a little distracting. There's too much interesting information posted by the doors leaving the church. Then all the kids came back from Children's Liturgy across the street, adding a little commotion. Every now and again I'd ask if Lucy was ready to go back into the church. She said, "I'm still too loud" even though she wasn't saying anything until I asked. Unfortunately she still was shoeless which meant I held her the whole time. We returned to the pew with Jacob and Mommy after the consecration.

After that, things went smoothly.  At the end of Mass, Lucy did not want to light a candle, so Jacob and I went and did our best. Jacob prayed for me! When we left the church, Lucy wanted to go across the street to tea and treats. That was fun though very crowded. We had to stand and eat. We chatted with a few people and headed on our way.

Father's homily centered around the three magi. They were willing to follow the star guiding them to Israel. They were adventurous and open to new things, unlike the "temple sitters" who heard about this new-born king but did not join them on the way to Bethlehem. May we always be ready and open to the call of the Lord, even when it takes us outside our comfortable environs and into the unknown.

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