Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cry Room Chronicles LXI

This is Day Light Savings Sunday, Fall Edition. You'd think with the extra hour in the morning we'd get to church in plenty of time, but that was not what happened. We brought snacks for the car and a shopping list, both of which required extra trips back to the kitchen. We were just slow enough that we made it to church right on time for the 9 a.m. Mass.

Jacob wanted to walk into church and pick out the pew before going potty. He chose the extreme right side of the church, where the pews are big enough for three adults, which meant a cosy squeeze for two adults and two children. He headed across the street with Mommy as the pre-Mass announcements were being made.

Jacob was quite a handful this week. He became frustrated when he couldn't get to the "right" page in the hymnal when we sang parts of the Mass, like the gospel alleluia. We were done singing before he'd be ready. By the Our Father, he was ready to go home. We coaxed him into staying, but had to keep on coaxing him for the rest of Mass.

Lucy was okay. She wanted to wander out into the aisle a few times. She also wanted cuddling with Mommy when Jacob wanted comforting, which was a little bit of overload for her.

We did light candles after Mass and go to tea and cakes before crossing the big street to grocery store. The only cakes were little chocolate covered cookies for which Jacob had little enthusiasm. We finally gave an extra-generous donation to make up for three weeks ago when we had no money. Also, a nice lady named Susan was in the front room selling religious items, including Christmas items. We picked up an Advent calendar and a book for the children. As I was chatting with her, Jacob came to get me. She understood. Hopefully we'll run into her again. Maybe I'll forget her name after a few weeks. Then I'll think, "I wrote it on the blog! If only I had a smart phone, I could look it up. Oh well..."

Today's gospel was about doing what the pharisees said and not what they did. Father started his sermon with a story about a bird some missionaries had brought to Africa. One day, they let the bird out of the cage. The bird flew to a branch outside where its brilliant yellow could be truly appreciated against the deep green of the trees; its pleasant song blended in wonderfully with the jungle sounds. He segued into talking about how important it is to have freedom. So many people are fettered by situations or expectations from others, much like the pharisees and other leaders who used their authority for personal power and prestige. Authority should be used for the benefit of those governed, even to the point of the leaders sacrificing their own interests in favor of those under their authority. If only all leaders felt that way. And if only all people had that expectation, he lamented. May all of us who lead others (including parents) have the right spirit!

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