Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cry Room Chronicles LX

Going to church this week was a little bit of a different experience. My wife wasn't feeling well and wanted to go separately so she wouldn't have to wrestle with the kids in the pew. So Jacob and I went without Mommy and Lucy to our usual 9 a.m. Mass.

We arrived early and went potty as usual. Walking into church, I grabbed the crayon box for Jacob. He decided he didn't want a crayon but did take a hymnal. We sat mid-way up in the church.

Jacob did a great job during Mass. He sat quietly. He tried to sing along with the hymns, none of which were familiar to us. So he did a mixture of making stuff up and imitating the real lyrics a beat late (after he heard the rest of us singing it). He knelt at the appropriate times. He prayed the Our Father. He put money in the collection. He didn't shake hands at the sign of peace, however. When we went to communion, he walked behind me as if he was going to communion himself. He did not want to hold my hand or walk beside me. He really wants to be an adult, I think. Or at least behave like his parents in church.

We did light candles after Mass and made up for our lack of cash last week. Jacob prayed for me, which was touching. We headed home after that to check on Mommy and make sure Lucy didn't drive her crazy. We'll have to make it up to the tea and treats after next week's Mass.

The sermon was quite good. The gospel was the famous scene of people trying to trip up Jesus by asking about paying taxes to Caesar. Father brought out a different aspect of the reading than the usual relation of church and state issues. He emphasized the importance of being honest with the Lord. The Lord's inquisitors slyly fawn over Him as a wise and learned man who shows no partiality. Then they try to get Him to show partiality that will cause trouble one way or the other. He has none of it and famously answers with "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's." We too need to take care that we approach the Lord with humility and sincerity.

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