Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cry Room Chronicles XXIX

Today we wanted to make it to the 8 a.m. Mass for the mercenary reason that we ran out of milk for breakfast and we'd need more for the kids by snack time. Usually they have a snack along the way to 9:30 Mass and Lucy has a bottle. That couldn't happen, so we hustled this morning and made it just in time for Mass.

We headed straight to the Children's Chapel. We turned on the lights and TV and settled in for a good Mass. Our friends James and Colin came during the readings with their newborn sister and their parents. Lucy decided she wanted a drink of water during the gospel, so I didn't get to hear the whole reading. Then she kept wanted to go out and get picked up by one or the other of us. Also, she's discovered that she can get attention by saying, "I'm poopy." Often, this is a lie. We still have to check though, especially when other people are around. She was a big distraction today.

Lucy was enthusiastic again about shaking hands at the sign of peace; Jacob stuck to his books. Surprisingly, he didn't want to go upstairs for communion. He had gone to the bathroom earlier, so that motivation wasn't there. But what about putting money in the poor box or the book box? What about seeing the organ? He was in a subdued mood for sure. Eventually we convinced him to go up. I mean, we carried him. He never really got his enthusiasm for it, though.

The best thing about this weekend was the bake sale! We picked up some almond white chocolate cake for dessert later. We also bought a donut and some pumpkin bread for eating there. Instant morning snack! Jacob enjoyed running around the auditorium while we sat and enjoyed our snack. He found a couple of "short cuts." If only Grandpa was here to say no short cuts, Jacob would have been perfectly happy. We did get to the store so Lucy was able to drink milk again!

I remember absolutely nothing of the sermon today, for which I am duly ashamed...

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