Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cry Room Chronicles XXI

Lucy has been getting in some new teeth, so she wakes up a couple of times in the night. Consequently, she's been sleeping in lately. Today she got up around 7:40, which meant there was no way to make it to 8 a.m. Mass. So we went to the 9:30 Mass.

We arrived early for once (we left extra early to go to the grocery store; since the temperature was in the 30s/40s we didn't have to worry about the milk going bad). Being bold, we went into the main church and sat in front of the choir's risers. Unfortunately this Mass only had a limited repertoire of musicians and singers--an pianist, a flutist, and four singers. Jacob and Lucy were interested in them but were also very chatty and not fully distracted. We headed to the cry room just as the first reading started. I'm sure we'll have the ambition to try staying in the church again in the future, but not next week.

The Children's Chapel was quite full. I counted 13 children and 12 adults. Occasionally someone would walk by the glass door with a small child but not come in. Most of the kids in there were well behaved. Jacob resumed his usual habit of picking a book off the shelf and reading to himself more or less out loud. Lucy wandered a little bit but didn't play with anything. No interactions of interest happened between any of the children. Even during the sign of peace, things were pretty sedate. We finally headed upstairs for communion. I forgot to bring change for the poor box. Angie had some coins so Lucy and Jacob did the family duty. Jacob didn't asked to stay in the church after communion. I guess he remembered that the musicians were few and had enough of them at the beginning of Mass.

Even though the kids were well behaved, they were still noisy and a little distracting during the sermon. Father spoke about having a sense of God's time as opposed to our own sense of time. We want to rush and do things and not be idle. God allows for some waiting and quiet times. Father must have said more about that but it didn't stick with me, due to distraction. I was a little bummed, because I was hoping for a good nugget to start Advent. If anyone has any good nuggets to share, I'm all ears!

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