Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cry Room Chronicles XIX

We had a slow start this morning, so we decided to take it leisurely and go to the 9:30 a.m. Mass instead of 8 a.m. Of course, we got there late because we were too leisurely. We could blame it on Jacob trying to go #2 in the potty at home before Mass. That didn't work out; he pooped right after the sermon and not in the church potty. But that's another story.

The 9:30 Mass is one of the "official" children's chapel Masses. The place was packed, too. I counted four other families and about 17 other people besides us latecomers. We walked in just as the Gloria was ending. All the children were sitting with or on the laps of their parents which surprised me. Our kids were definitely wandering around more than anyone else's. I like to think they were taking full advantage of the accouterments of the room. Jacob read a couple of books, knelt and stood on the kneeler, and moved some chairs. Lucy did a little bit of sharing with one other boy. Lucy was also pretty jealous of Jacob getting to go to the bathroom for a diaper change. Or maybe she just wanted mommy to stay with her in stead of daddy.

Amazingly, we had to encourage Jacob to go upstairs for communion. He wanted to finish reading one last book. After that, he gave his usual 25 cents to the book sale box, got a drink of water, then went in to the church to watch the musicians. The contemporary choir was there with an assortment of instruments: a violin, a drum, a guitar, a trumpet and a piano. Jacob was most enthralled with the trumpet. He waited around until all the musicians left before we headed back to the children's chapel to get our jackets.

Monsignor's sermon revolved around God's care for each one of us. The gospel talks about the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and the coming persecution of Jesus's disciples. He assures His listeners that though they may be betrayed by family and put to death they will secure their lives by persevering. Obviously he does not mean their mortal lives but they will secure their eternal lives. We need to persevere in witnessing to Jesus's message of love in a culture that seems entirely opposed to that message. God grant us the fortitude to be a channel of His light to the world!

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