Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cry Room Chronicles VII

Sorry for having no chronicle last week. Last Sunday was rough because of the kids being very busy during Mass along with their regular friends, Colin and James. The rest of the day was just as busy. My apologies.

Colin and James weren't there this week, so maybe their mom has given birth to number three? Instead, our friends from St. Mary's were there--Luke, Kim and Timmy. Also another mom with two kids and what seemed to be a grandma were there too. This week our children we definitely the worst behaved of the lot.

Jacob wandered around a lot during Mass, chattering mostly to himself and not being too disruptive. He certainly provided bad example to the other kids, except for when we asked him to kneel down. He went one better and laid prostrate on the floor. Otherwise he was taking books off the shelf and giving them to people (not just us) and playing with the blinds, light switches, and volume nob for the overhead speaker. Definitely distracting.

Lucy was much better than Jacob, though she had her moments. Lately she will crawl towards something and then look back at us to see if it's okay. Sometimes I think she knows it's not okay but wants to test us. Like with the electric sockets. We'll have to bring in some outlet covers next week to help baby proof the cry room. She has an awfully cute look on her face when she looks around.

Jacob is definitely learning the parts of the Mass. After the Our Father and Sign of Peace, Jacob was demanding to go up to the church for communion. Not that he wanted to receive communion; he really wanted to put coins in the poor box. Luckily I had my supply with me, so I fed him coins till our turn to get in line. He looked around a lot in church and he's taken to running his hand along the ends of the pews as we return from receiving the Blessed Sacrament.

Father preached about the importance of hospitality today (since the gospel was the story of Mary and Martha hosting Jesus and the first reading was Abraham taking care of the three strangers). Also, he talked about having a balance between work and leisure. It was a quite good sermon.

After Mass, we played on the playground at St. Louis along with Timmy and his parents. A good time was had by all there, though Lucy definitely came away the messiest. We have to teach her to wear shoes!

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  1. LOL, prostrate. I guess he has the mentality of, in for a penny, in for a pound.